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Stockmens Stockmens Fall 2013 : Cover

F ALL 2013 / W INTER 2014 P RODUCT C ATALOG The best source for all your animal health and equipment... Where you can count on quality service and advice. New fr o m Z o e ti s : Offers the longest demonstrated protection of the combination respiratory vaccines. age Find it on P 5 Inforce 3 Superior protection right from the start. Dectomax Superior performance against the parasites that count. Page 5 Page 53 We are committed to providing a Health/Vaccination Certificate for all livestock we provide a health plan for. XRS EID Stick Reader: $100 Rebate Available! * age 46 Find it on P *With qualifying purchase. Offer valid for a limited time. Toll Free: 800-437-4064 • Local: 701-282-3255 • Fax: 701-282-3545 E-mail: • Online: Stockmen’s Supply -802 West Main Avenue, West Fargo, ND All catalog products available on Scan to learn how to save using our digital catalog! Or find it at: Orders received before noon will be shipped the same day.

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