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Stockmens Stockmens Fall 2013 : IFC

Serving Your Animal Health Needs Since 1956 Catalog Contents Antibiotics & Vaccines Antibiotics Blackleg Vaccines Pinkeye Vaccines Cattle Vaccines Swine Vaccines 1-2 3 4 5-15 16-18 Dewormers & Pest Control Insecticides Dewormers Rodent Control 48-52 53-55 56 Animal Specialities Swine Specialties Sheep Specialties Dairy Specialties Cattle Specialties 19-20 21-22 23-26 27-28 Equine & Pet Supplies Equine Supplies: Topical Treatments, Horse Health & Supplements, Lariats, Stable Supplies 57-68 Pet Supplies Show Supplies 69-72 73-77 Animal Health & ID Pharmaceuticals Instruments Identification Implants 29-34 35-40 41-46 47 Ranch & Home Supplies Fencing Supplies Livestock Equipment Clothing Speciality Workwear All Weather Boots 78-83 84-89 90-91 94 97 Index of Products 92 Order Form 95 Shipping Information 96 Products featured in this catalog can be ordered by phone, fax, or online. For a more products and information visit us on the web at Look for QR codes to link to special savings! & find us: The information in this catalog has been gathered from many sources and with great care. Recognizing, however, the possibility for human and typographical errors in transposing such a large amount of technical information, Stockmen's Supply Inc. hereby disclaims responsibility for the following: Prices printed in error; losses incurred due to delays in shipment; the use or misuse of any products described in this catalog; and any losses incurred through the use of products according to the methods described in the catalog. All products should be used only according to the instructions on the label. Stockmen's Supply Inc. specifically does not authorize anyone, its employees, agents, independent contractors of their agents or employees to recommend any product sold by Stockmen's Supply in any way other than according to current manufacturer's label

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