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LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT To Our Valued Customers: Jean-Baptiste a French Critic and Journalist in the 1800’s is well known for saying, “the more things change the more they stay the same.” Possibly he was inspired by Heraclitus, an ancient Greek philosopher who said, “The only constant is change” and “a man never steps in the same river twice.” Granted some pretty deep thoughts and you may be wondering what this has to do with cows or acquiring your animal health products at a good price with great service – actually almost everything. You’ve no doubt recently heard about Stockmen’s Supply joining forces in a merger with ANIMART, LLC. At the outset this looks like change, however many things will remain the same. The combined entity will continue to serve Stockmen’s Supply customers with their long standing business model. We remain committed to offering you innovative products and solutions designed to help your business succeed. Likewise, all the faces – the people you currently count on – will stay the same; each organization serves different customers in different areas and through different channels to market. All employees are empowered to meet your needs and serve your interests to better your business. So if nothing is changing, why the change? By bringing the two organizations together we will see significant advantages to improve our service offering to you. First, this merger gives us a larger footprint and the ability to continue providing you with a wider variety of products with competitive prices. While most of our competitors wait for you to ask about new products prior to researching them, we research and present products before you ask, so you can be the first to know about emerging technologies. Second, we will be able to commit more funds and time to staff training initiatives in order to become even better at listening and responding to you. We strongly believe, “take care of the employee so they can take care of the customer.” Thirdly, and most importantly, with a larger scale we can help keep the market competitive for your benefit. As the Animal Health Industry matures, companies are getting bigger and bigger – our intention is to be big enough to stay price competitive, but local enough to be responsive. I appreciate how change has the ability to make folks uncomfortable, but rest assured we are committed to the industry we love and the customers we support. To this end, we honor the relationship you have had with Stockmen’s Supply in the past, very much appreciate your business today and look forward to being a part of your great business in the future. Warm Regards, Dan Ellsworth President & CEO

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